Welcome to WillowMark Grove!

With 10+ years graphic design background, WMG founder, Brittney Wetekamp has merged her skills with her eye for creativity and design to offer a variety of handcrafted wooden signs and home decor. Gathering much of her inspiration from personal life and client inspiration each piece embodies a unique experience. Brittney successfully balances amazing friends and family, a full time career as a therapist, and being an entrepreneur. Her hope is that people enjoy hers signs just as much as she does.

The meaning behind the name...

Willow: Weeping Willow trees have a sense of magic to me that I always want to have in my life.

Mark: Mark is my dad & hero. He made me promise, before he died of suicide as a result of having Huntington's Disease, to be happy. Creating a life I love is my path to happiness!

Grove: A grove is a place for cultivating. I want to always be learning and growing. I also want to cultivate a life of magic and happiness.