Fall Floral Pumpkin DIY How-To Video & Instructions


Fall Floral Pumpkin Instructions:

1) Lay out all pieces of your DIY Kit. Carefully pull the pumpkin outline away from the rest of the design as shown in the picture below. Using a sponge, dab brown paint on the pumpkin outline.

2) Using the sponges and the rest of the paint colors, paint the remaining pumpkin pieces still attached to the masking tape to match the product picture. This may take two to three coats.

3) Superglue the pumpkin outline onto the 10" stained wood round on the bottom (the top will have the two drilled holes).

4) Continue to superglue the remaining pumpkin pieces into the pumpkin outline.

5) Gather the ribbons together, crisscrossing each ribbon as shown in the picture below.

6) Set the greenery behind the ribbon, wrap the zip tie around the ribbon and greenery, and place through the two drilled holes and tighten. Adjust the ribbon and greenery to look just perfect!

7) Glue the Hanger on the back of the sign. It is easier to tie the twine onto the hanger before attaching it to the round.