Floral DIY Sign How-To Video & Instructions

How to Complete your Floral DIY Sign:

1) Spread out all supplies and get them ready for use! Select the smoothest side of your 8"x8" stained wood block and lay face up.

2) Your new Ikonart mesh stencil consists of the stencil and a carrier sheet. The stencil sheet is purple and the carrier sheet is clear and shiny. Using a sharpie, write "Back" on the carrier sheet (shiny side). Remove your carrier sheet (DO NOT THROW AWAY). Place your stencil, adhesive side down, onto surface. Rub stencil lightly with your fingers to remove any bubbles.  Apply your white chalk paste (included in the foil packaging) using your black squeegee. Be sure to cover all open areas of your stencil. Carefully remove your stencil.

3) Using one of your included thicker brushes, start with the darkest pink. In the top right corner draw a half circle to begin your first flower. Blend some of the leftover chalk paste to give your flower dimension. Add more pink and white until you like how your flower looks!

4) With the same paint brush, paint a smaller coral flower to the left of the larger corner flower.

5) Still, the the same paint brush, add small flowers on the right side of your sign, under the larger first flower, with the lightest pink. Feel free to add more flowers as you please!

6) Go back and add your white chalk paste to your flowers to add dimension. Continue adding pinks/corals and white until you are happy with your flowers.

7) Select a new paint brush and add green paint for leaves. Add leaves by making two oval strokes and filling in the middle. Add white chalk paste for dimension. 

8) Using the smallest paint brush, dab gold into the center of each flower.

9) Add a little bit of gold to each leaf.

10) Share your final creation on INSTAGRAM using #willowmarkgrovediy!



  • Do not use cleaners, soaps, or wipes. They will damage your stencils.
  • Under running water, lightly rub your fingers across your stencil to remove chalk paste from the textured side of your stencil. Do not rub or scrub the adhesive/sticky side of the stencil, as that will damage the stencil.
  • Place the stencil with the adhesive side up on a flat surface and reapply your clear carrier sheet (make sure that you can read the "BACK" that you wrote earlier). Always apply the stencil to the carrier sheet while your stencil is still wet. 
  • Blot your clean stencil with a paper towel, carefully, to remove excess water.
  • Let stencil dry completely before reusing!
  • It is normal for the stencil to be stained from paints and inks that were used - do not worry.

Remember that it may not be perfect on your first try, but you can do this! If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to us and we will help the best we can!