Santa Door Hanger DIY Instructions


Santa Door Hanger Instructions:

1) Lay out all pieces of your DIY Kit.

2) Using the paint brushes provided paint all your Santa pieces to match the photo above. This may take several coats to gain your desired look.

3) Once the paint is dry, follow the picture below to superglue on your base pieces correctly. Tip: Start with the piece on the bottom and work your way up to the hat. Make sure you follow the curves of the sign when aligning your pieces. It does help to lay them out first on your wood round before you start gluing! 


4) Continue to superglue the remaining decorative Santa pieces onto your wood round as shown below! (Your pieces will be painted already!)


7) Glue the Hanger on the back of the sign. It is easier to tie the twine onto the hanger before attaching it to the round.