All-in-One Decor Paint - Raspberry Sorbet

All-in-One Decor Paint - Raspberry Sorbet

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Raspberry Sorbet was inspired by a scoop of raspberry sorbet on a hot summer day. It is a striking, deep pink with a sweet, modern feel. Add this refreshing color to any piece for a vibrant look, pair it with softer colors like Crinoline, or try it with a contrasting color like Tropical Cocktail for a fun twist.

Chalk-style furniture paint. Certified ultra-low VOC and eco-friendly, all-in-one decor paint contains clay and minerals to give you amazing adhesion and long-lasting durability with little-to-no prep work required.

Whether your goal is to make your furniture look shabby chic or contemporary, you’ll love how silky soft and smooth this paint glides on. The wonderfully chalky matte finish is easy to distress, yet very durable.

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